Sunday, October 27, 2013

sunday studio

Here's a new idea: Sunday studios. I've been finding studios on Pinterest that I'd love to work in. I do love to have a good browse and pin, but I also miss the flick of a magazine page and the surprise and sense of discovery there was in it. On Pinterest you just expect to find inspiring things. It takes a little of the joy out of it for me. BUT...

I'm not going to complain when I find such a sweet space as this. It took me a little while to find the source (another thing that bugs me about Pinterest), but finally I traced it back to a ceramic artist who's space is named "Up in the air somewhere" studio. They make exquisite ceramic vessels, but it would be hard not to in a space like this. I love the windows, quirky floor, cluster of lights and collection of mis-matched tables.

So long Sunday.

Friday, October 25, 2013

it's that day again

I'm thankful it's Friday, but also kind of wishing it was Tuesday as I have so much to do. I'm trying to stay in the moment and be present for my daughter painting next to me, and take in the trees changing color outside my studio window, but all I can think about is the fact that I have things to print, and make, and do do do!

Slow down I want to yell at my freaky self. It. will. all. happen. SO first things first - here's a Freak Flag for Friday. It's a fun one I think. Circles are always happy for me, as well as the color green.

You can purchase a print of this collage on my etsy shop. I've done a lot of updating recently to include some new prints, and hopefully in the near future, some tea towels and cards. You can click on the link to the right to see the shop, but here's a preview of some of the goodies you can find there.

Have a great weekend. 
Remember to crunch the leaves, 
carve a pumpkin 
and smell the crisp Fall/Autumn air.