Monday, January 28, 2013

Let's dive right in

So hello there. Where do we start?

It's like the first page in a sketch book. I don't want to wreck it with some awful drawing.  I want to it to just be done so I can get on to the 'real' posts.

I have to say I have always been a 'rusher', hustling through things as fast and hard as I can, enjoying the intensity of the moment. Quite often when I rush it has a tendency to get messy - - whether its in the kitchen when I bake, or at the dining room table when the kids and I paint with string, or a conversation when I share too much too fast.

There is joy in this kind of messiness too because it comes with connection, connection to your senses, connection to others, and connection to yourself and something greater than yourself.

I'd say my mission statement of sorts for this blog is to encourage you in the messy, through the messy, and with the messy in life. I want to post about projects that you can do with your children that will connect you and your kids to your senses. By doing these projects together you will be very present with your children and I hope you will learn more about them and your corner of the world.


  1. Yay! i'm so excited to follow your beautiful blog beautiful lady. you are an inspiring mum x x

  2. gorgeous, brilliant mom, gorgeous brilliant kids- the whole gorgeous brilliant package. i let charlie mess around with flour yesterday and then at dinner kevin was like why are the floors so dusty and slippery and i was like hmmm... not sure? but have fun cleaning those while we are in san diego! xoxoxo

  3. Love this first post - well-stated, Johanna!

  4. Thanks Ann and Unknown (Deniz?) for your encouraging words! It's exciting to start something new.

  5. love love. cannot wait to see more!