Wednesday, January 30, 2013

oh, flour

Flour is a hard one for many people, and I understand it. It gets everywhere, it makes hard wood floors slippery and it can be breathed in inadvertently. However, it makes the best snow scene; the best race track for matchbox cars, the best dinosaur stomping ground, the best beach; the best cafe; the best hills for little figurines to smash down. Plus, it's oh so soft and lovely to run through your fingers.

What could be better than a tray of flour, two rice spoons, a VW match box van, and a tinker toy wheel. M, who's three and a half played with this for half an hour before bringing a tiny Playmobile lady and her baby in a jogger out for a spin around the 'park'.

 Here she is, face covered in a fine dusting of flour.


  1. love these photos. we love flour play too. we have some great digger utensils that the kids love driving around in the flour.

  2. Love this whole thing! Such a wonderful material to explore. It is also great for practicing letters as they get older, especially for those sensory kids. And, flour is also a great introduction to matter - a solid... and then when mixed with another liquid matter, water, low and behold it becomes paste - a totally different solid!

  3. Thanks Polly. Encouraging words from one of my favorite people.