Monday, February 11, 2013

studio set up + stamped valentine cards

It's been a long time coming and finally I have a studio with light (It is a very gray day here in the midwest so please excuse the lack of sunshine). This sun room (next to our living room - see the corner of the couch?) was my kid's play room and I have claimed it! They now have the office for a playroom and it is so cozy and chock a block full of toys, lego and art supplies.

I love setting up a new space as I try to cull out the objects and tools that are obsolete or have just been hanging around too long. I have a much more edited version of a desk now (below) and the trick will be keeping it this way. Any suggestions welcome!

This (below) is my box o' collage goodies. It sits right next to me on the warm radiator, and when the cat is not trying to lie on top of it I can easily access it. 

So far I am loving it, although I think the rules about using this space are still a bit like this day - gray and fuzzy. We'll work on that.

We did make some valentine cards yesterday at my studio table. R + M were so excited to see how I carved a lino heart  and glued it on an old stamp handle we had hanging around in our stamp box.

We used these exquisite name stamps carved for my kids by Molly Carlson of Emerson Street Creative.
I met her at my kid's school Artisan Fair in December and we talked about what I was looking for. Low and behold a couple of weeks before Christmas she emailed me with photos of these stunning stamps that she hand carves.

You can see more of her stamps in her shop on Artfire. She also has beautiful prints of Gulf coast wild life paintings she has done (they were originally sold for a fundraiser after the oil spill).

R + M are going to write each child's name on a card and hand them out at school. It is a custom that I am still getting used having grown up in England where we did nothing for our class mates for any holiday. There are some very fun and beautifully designed packs of cards to buy these days, but I couldn't pass up a chance to use our beautiful stamps. Thanks Molly.


  1. Any suggestions welcome? Well, here goes.
    Maybe rename blog to "Only-Martha-Stewart-would-call-this-Messy Labs Studio."

    Beautiful space, though.

  2. ha ha!

    Yes, it looks nice now as I just set it up over the past few days! Check back in a week or so : )
    Also, the name is more about my approach to making art - experimentation, process and not being perfect.
    Read some of the earlier posts to get a feel of the spirit of the blog.

    Thanks for your comment.

  3. So glad you didn't buy cards, these are so much more wonderful, beautiful and unique!

  4. LOVE these cards.. great stamps too! what a nice idea. your studio space looks great! looking forward to seeing the creations that happen there :)

  5. Love your studio space. it's heavenly. Also love these cards. I have such fond memories of valentines day from grade school and it's made me LOVE valentines day for the non-romantic aspects of it- making cakes, wearing red and basically an excuse for a party of some sort and making things like heart garlands!

    1. Yes, R loved getting a whole bag of love at school yesterday!